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Trigger Based Marketing 2.0
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Inspire &
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Inspire and value customers and employees in an emotive
way and initiate interaction immediately with trigger-based marketing!

The Novadoo solution can help you in lots of different ways:

Successful fields of application 'Touchpoints' customer experience

Sales management

  • Sales automation
  • Turn single-contract customers into multiple-contract customers
  • Up-selling and cross-selling measures
  • Contract extensions / reinvestments
  • Generate customer appointments
  • Generate warm leads for field service
  • Reactivate existing customers
  • Prevent termination
  • Online customers enable interaction with
  • Newsletter opt-in

Customer management

  • Onboarding for new customers
  • Turning customers into fans
  • Occasion-specific 'thank you'
    • After consultation / conclusion of contract
    • Anniversary
    • Date of birth
    • Christmas
  • Reactivate existing customers
  • Newsletter opt-in

Complaints management

  • Create positive associations
  • Prevent termination / cancellation
  • Turn complaints into recommendations
  • Stand out positively
  • 'Outlet' for customer feedback
  • Platform for credible communication

Generate recommendations

  • Increase in NPS
  • Positive reviews on all platforms
  • Customers refer customers – measures
  • Combine onboarding of new customers with recommendations
  • Combine 'thank you' for existing customers with recommendations

Customer feedback / e-learning

  • Real-time customer feedback
  • Individual feedback:
    • Customer expectations
    • Customer opinions on products, services, processes
    • Overall customer satisfaction
  • E-learning projects with trigger / reward for different contact groups
Successful fields of application 'Moments that matter' – Human Resources

HR management

  • Occasion-specific appreciation, and thanks for employees:
    • Birthdays
    • Christmas
    • Anniversary
    • Special services provided
    • Appraisal interviews
    • Annual financial statement
  • Replacement for impersonal gift vouchers
  • Congratulations / 'thank you' after trial period

Recruiting / Onboarding

  • Pre-boarding und Onboarding
    • 'Thank you' for signing a contract
    • Welcome on first day of work
  • Build your own talent database
    • Opt-in for later contact in case of rejection by applicant or employer
  • 'Thank you' after interview and/or rejection by employer

Emotionalise the relationship

  • Turn employees into fans
  • Increase motivation and desire to perform
  • Trigger a 'wow' effect
  • Communicate credible appreciation

Employer Branding

  • Increasing employer attractiveness
  • Positive reviews on different platforms including Kununu, Glassdoor, Google, etc.
  • Employees recruit new colleagues
  • Win back interns
  • Generate recommendations

Receive unfiltered feedback

  • Employee satisfaction
  • Interaction / feedback with applicants
  • Information from new employees on the application process
  • You will receive answers to the questions that are most relevant, important and valuable to you

Our added value for you:

Trigger Based Marketing 2.0
Motivate customers and employees with a 'charming', personal trigger that will consciously activate one or more actions or interactions.

With Novadoo's new interpretation of trigger-based marketing 2.0 we are turning our backs on the 'watering can principle' and the 'product focus' as the starting point for campaigns. Those are things of the past!

Nowadays, the aim is to address customers and employees directly with exciting, credible 'triggers' and experiences in order to activate a specific reaction (target effect). So it is not your company's product or service that is in the spotlight, but the interaction with customers and employees, and the positive associations they make.

In a figurative sense, we plough, sow and fertilise the customer and employee relationship for you and motivate both customers and employees to take time to look at your messages, engage with your offers and products, and interact with you digitally or in real life. All you have to do is harvest!

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Automation of marketing & sales – Digitisation
Customers' expectations have changed! The right mix between the 'real' and 'digital' world is what's needed! We can automate sales for you.

Marketing automation is not just software, it is a crucial part of a successful company's marketing and digital strategy. We would like to support you with the Novadoo solution for automating marketing processes and digitisation. In combination with your CRM or AI solution, we can automate entire sales processes and integrate them into trigger marketing.

For us, it is clear that successful digital marketing campaigns will put the focus on measurability and the target effect. However, we are also clear that the critical success factor is not the digital world alone, but interaction with the 'real' world. And this is precisely where the Novadoo solution comes in.

Believe it or not, the capacity of your IT department will hardly be used, if at all.

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Emotionalising customers and employees is the basis for a sustainable and 'loyal' relationship!

Long-term successful customer and employee relationships can only be built on an emotional level. If a company manages to create positive associations with its customers and employees about the brand and the company – so that they feel 'connected' to the company and even become fans – this can demonstrably create significant competitive advantages:

  • More loyalty to the company and the brand
  • Employees are more motivated and committed
  • Increases NPS (recommendations)
  • Customers and employees speak and write (on social media) positively about the brand / company
  • They will also forgive the odd mistake, delivery bottlenecks, price increases, overtime, etc.
  • Increased turnover

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Communicating and interacting with customers and employees – a key factor for success!

With the Novadoo solution, you can interact with your customers and employees in an innovative, charming way.

We guarantee that you will be able to stand out, inspire, surprise and trigger a real 'wow' effect. Your messages will hit home, and you will receive over 70% feedback! Because only companies that truly 'speak' to their customers and motivate employees will receive valuable information, sell more and be successful.

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What do we do differently?
A lot – we do marketing 'upside down'

We put together marketing processes differently to be more efficient, effective, successful, measurable and transparent for you!

With Novadoo, you can achieve three goals with one action:

  • Messages and information are placed sustainably and effectively
  • Relationships are emotionalised and loyalised appreciatively and sustainably
  • Desired interactions are triggered immediately

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We would like to introduce Novadoo to you with this short video:

Do you want to make your customers and employees smile too?

We are proud to support lots of well-known brands with this. Here we show you some examples of how our solution can be used for a wide range of touchpoints.

Customer enthusiasm

Customer enthusiasm

Employee Appreciation

Employee Appreciation

Reactivation of existing customers

Reactivation of existing customers

Referral Marketing

Referral Marketing

Up- & Cross-Selling Measure

Up- & Cross-Selling Measure

Сomplaint management

Сomplaint management

Appreciation campaign and customer enthusiasm

Initial situation:

'Don't bother with lots of nice words if you can say more with a simple gesture.' With this in mind, the TUI Suisse Customer Service team would like to approach their complaints management with an interactive and versatile appreciation solution in order to turn complaints into positive experiences.


TUI runs an online appreciation campaign to create emotional communication with its existing customers and rewards them with a gift.

Customers are sent an email inviting them to visit an emotion-based welcome page and choose a gift. At the end of the process, they also have the opportunity to send feedback to TUI. This interaction is extremely important for making amends and for the positive recognition of the TUI brand.

Added value:

  • Certainty of a positive surprise (Customers choose their own gift)
  • Emotive and interactive communication with customers
  • Financial advantages through different ranges and budget categories
  • Building sustainable customer satisfaction and loyalty

'Thanks to Novadoo, we were able to set up a complaints campaign quickly and easily. The TUI brand was, therefore, able to position itself as a customer-oriented brand, and the feedback received is very important evidence that the Novadoo solution matches our goals.'

Evelyne Montero Customer Service / Quality Control TUI Suisse Ltd

Surprise and inspire employees interactively!

Initial situation:

In times when human resources are scarce in the healthcare system, along with stress and at times a lack of 'appreciation' of the 'profession', clinics and hospitals in Switzerland and Germany are looking to counteract this negative situation with the Novadoo solution while at the same time motivating employees and creating an emotional connection with the company to trigger a 'wow effect'. It is also important that a message can be conveyed to employees. This is also partly done with a video message (instead of a written one) from senior management or department management at the beginning of the process.


Novadoo is already used in the field of staff marketing and staff branding for the following occasions:

  • Employee anniversary
  • Saying 'thank you' for good annual financial statements
  • Birthday gift
  • Christmas present
  • Easter surprise
  • Welcome message on the first day of work
  • Appreciation after trial period
  • Saying 'thank you' to interns
  • Thanking applicants
  • Simply saying 'thank you'

Added value:

  • Surprise and inspire your employees in an interactive, innovative and emotive way and turn them into loyal and committed 'fans'.
  • Create a 'wow' effect with employees!
  • Never give your employees anything that they don't really need and has no use.
  • Let employees choose how they want to be appreciated! Then the gift will really be useful and will be sustainable (positive association).
  • You have no logistics worries – we take care of all handling as well as the storage risk for you!
  • The Novadoo platform is set up in your CI/CD, is interactive and gives you the unique opportunity to send emotive messages (video messages are also possible) and also receive direct feedback from your employees.
  • Our solution is very attractively priced. There is no upfront investment, and you only pay for what your employees actually select and our logistics partnerships.
  • You can save 10–15% of your budget with Novadoo!
  • Do you want to customise your shopping basket seasonally or adapt it to the occasion? We can solve this for you very flexibly and at no additional cost.
  • Employer branding - Would you like to thank applicants individually and sustainably and be remembered positively or even recommended as an employer? No problem, our process is made for this.
  • Employees refer new employees - we also believe that this should be rewarded, and it can be easily implemented into our process.

Try out the Novadoo appreciation process yourself:

Go to www.novadoo.ch/wertschaetzung and enter the following test code: aQWEvp3K

Let us surprise you!

Return on investment (ROI) – banking sector

Initial situation:

The major bank wants to reactivate existing customers who have little account activity, bring new online customers to the customer advisor, and at the same time reduce the cancellation rate of these customers.


Every month, around 10,000 customers (of the different segments) are contacted with a personal letter and are valued and engaged through an interaction using the Novadoo solution.

The facts:

The Novadoo solution was used on approximately 120,000 customers in a year. Compared to a control group, the following results were obtained:

  • 56% of the customers contacted followed the interaction through to the end.
  • 75% of these customers gave the bank valuable feedback, and the bank was able to establish interaction with these customers.
  • The termination rate among current account customers was reduced by 25%.
  • By generating 'warm' leads for the client advisor, it was possible to sell additional products (building savings contract, youth savings account, etc.) to 15% of these customers.
  • Within one year, it was possible to achieve 8% more yield.
  • For bank advisors, it was significantly easier and more pleasant to contact the client again, something the advisors greatly appreciated.


The bank invested around €1.2 million a year in these activities and was able to significantly reduce termination rates, sell 15% more products, and increase earnings with these customers by 8%.

Recommendation marketing – Helvetia Insurance

Initial situation:

Referrals are indispensable for Helvetia to attract new customers. Existing customers received a gift as a reward for actively referring their friends, relatives and acquaintances to Helvetia.


An online and offline referral campaign created emotional communication between Helvetia and its existing customers and rewarded them with a gift.

The Novadoo solution was integrated directly into the Helvetia website as an iframe. The referring person was invited to choose a gift and send feedback to Helvetia at the end of the process. Helvetia thanked the person for their recommendation with short video messages from Swiss ski athletes. Helvetia had various ways of placing their brand in an innovative way.

Added value:

  • Acquiring new customers and exploiting potential
  • Rewarding and valuing existing customers for their referrals
  • Generating positive emotions through surprise and enthusiasm
  • Building sustainable customer satisfaction and loyalty

'Our pleasant and efficient cooperation with Novadoo meant we were able to implement our referral campaign quickly and easily. Clients and client advisors are enthusiastic about the solution. This has a very positive effect on the Helvetia brand.'

Véronique Eckert Communication & Support Market Processing Sales Management and Services Helvetia Insurance

Return on Investment (ROI) – tourism sector

Initial situation:

A large tourism booking platform wanted to increase interaction with its premium customers (customers with a certain annual revenue), and thank them for their loyalty. This was intended to bring customers closer to the brand emotionally. The aim of this 'up-selling' measure was to obtain more bookings, sustainably increase sales, and at the same time obtain more information from customers, so customers were also asked to answer 14 questions at the end of the process.


In autumn, around 12,000 premium customers were contacted and invited to visit Novadoo's customer appreciation platform (which of course is designed with the travel booking platform's look and feel) in order to receive a personal surprise for their loyalty.

The facts::

The following results were achieved in comparison with a control group:

  • 60% of premium customers contacted completed the Novadoo process.
  • 68% of these customers answered the 14 questions and so gave valuable feedback for the tourism company. This means that it was possible to establish interaction with 68% of the customers.
  • With this customer group, it was possible to increase sales by 3.9% in the three months after the promotion and even by more than 5% after six months.
  • After three months, the campaign's ROI was positive compared with the control group! This means that the layout for the campaign was less than the revenue it generated!
  • After a year, it was also possible to prove that these premium customers still generated more sales than the control group. Most importantly, these premium customers are now much more responsive to email marketing and promotions.


The tourism company not only found a way of sustainably increasing sales with this customer segment, but also contributed to the 'fan potential' account with these promotions and ensured that its marketing messages were better received.

The SBB goodwill compensation solution

Initial situation:

SBB wanted to introduce a more specific goodwill compensation solution in order to address complaints in an innovative and above all interactive way. This meant surprising and inspiring customers, and giving them the opportunity to communicate with SBB easily.


In addition to the normal complaint-management process, SBB customers were sent a letter or email inviting them to log in to the SBB welcome page www.sbb.ch/gutefahrt with a surprise code and their customer file number. A pleasant video apology from Ms. Jeannine Pilloud (then Director of Passenger Transport), welcomed the customer and – despite their negative experience with SBB – aimed to trigger a positive association with the SBB brand. The customer could choose a small token as an 'apology gift' and had the opportunity to communicate with SBB again at the end of the process. This feedback is extremely important for SBB!

Added value:

All information (customer file number, gift selected, addresses, emails, feedbacks) is available to SBB employees online at any time, and SBB will be informed by email about every pick-up. This makes it possible to respond to customer feedback immediately.

Of course, SBB can export all data from the Novadoo system in a CSV file.

SBB can therefore evaluate positive and negative feedback from customers and better measure the performance and target effect of its complaint management.

In 2017, 43% of customers provided valuable feedback to SBB through this process. 99% of it was positive and only 1% was negative. The customers who gave negative feedback were contacted by SBB again.

Some customers who trust in the Novadoo solution:

Try it out for yourself now:

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